Activities for your perfect Stag and Party Weekend!

Stagtivate yourself and get your daily dose of fun! We know, it’s a tough decision. With a wide selection of fun like this it is certainly a real men’s job to decide which activity to choose. You’ll be surprised by the diversity of entertainment opportunities of a Budapest stag weekend! Your choice is important, however if you choose us, YOUR BACHELOR PARTY can’t go wrong!

Do you have even crazier ideas? Tell us and we'll arrange it for you!

Party Tour

An important event can't go wrong, everything shall be perfect. To attain this you'll need some local information about the constantly changing nightlife Budapest has to offer. New bars and clubs open and close every season, are replaced with other and change names. It doesn't matter if you prefer posh or local places, we know what you need and since our young, local and gorgeous female guides possess the experiences this is the guarantee for an absolutely successful night!

Price:   £10 / €12 / person

Stag Dinner

Once in Hungary you can’t miss the famous Hungarian kitchen! Ever heard of "goulash", "lecso" or "pálinka"? We offer you two different menus, restaurants located in the heart of Budapest and first class cuisine in a relaxed way. Our gorgeous guide accompanies you during the whole dinner. Feel like you missed something? Let the best strippers in town make your dinner the hottest ever, heavenly taste in a heavenly atmosphere! Bon appetit!

Price: from £24 / €28 / person

Medieval Banquet

Let's go back to the 15th century when swords and shields were ordinary. Our two fighting knights and belly dancer will make you feel it, while the waitresses serve you the dinner in a private salon. The program contains a traditional Hungarian welcome shot, "pálinka", soup, huge plates of meat, garnish, fruit and vegetables, for dessert a strudel and unlimited consumption of beer, wine and soft drinks during the whole dinner. But the icing on the cake: the fantastic strip-show!

Price:   £55 / €65 / person

Casino Night

There are a many casinos in Budapest, but our local guides will during a casino night out take you to the best, most famous casinos in town. Our guide will pick you up at your hotel, accompany you to the casinos and buy you free beers. After you emptied the slot machine (or your pockets) let our guide show you another side of the Budapest nightlife: the party side!

Price:   £13 / €15 / person