Activities for your perfect Stag and Party Weekend!

Stagtivate yourself and get your daily dose of fun! We know, it’s a tough decision. With a wide selection of fun like this it is certainly a real men’s job to decide which activity to choose. You’ll be surprised by the diversity of entertainment opportunities of a Budapest stag weekend! Your choice is important, however if you choose us, YOUR BACHELOR PARTY can’t go wrong!

Do you have even crazier ideas? Tell us and we'll arrange it for you!

BMW M3 Racing Car Experience

Get to know it, the feeling of the world of racing cars. 400 hp. 4 second acceleration. Burning rubber smell. Fast turns. Tightening five-point safety belt. Try the homologue BMW M3 E46 racing car, the fastest and most powerful racing car you can drive in Hungary, on a 5km long real racing track. Defeat the time or your friends, and don't forget to bring a clean underwear!

Price:  from £130 / €150 / person

Beer bike

This’ll be your dream activity if you’re a beer lover! While a sober pilot navigates you through Budapest’s city centre you and your mates have a relaxing sightseeing and two hours to consume 20 litres of beer. The only thing you have to do is pedaling – a great opportunity to get rid of the beer calories!

Price:   from £23 / €27 / person

1h Danube Boat Cruise

A cruise on the Danube is a must when in Budapest, since the flood divides the city into two parts. A perfect afternoon activity, where you with a couple of beers comfortably can recover after the last night party or maybe load for the next one, while one of our lovely guides provide you with information and legends about Budapest and it's sights. During the tour we view the most famous sights of Budapest, as the Parliament, Buda Castle, Fishermans Tower, Citadel and the Gellért Hill.

Price:  from £17 / €19 / person

2h Danube Boat Cruise

A cruise on the Danube is a must when in Budapest, since the flood divides the city into two parts. This is the perfect afternoon activity, when you with a couple of beers comfortably can recover after the last night party or maybe load for the next one. During the first hour your guide provides you with information and legends about Budapest and it's most famous sights as the Parliament, Buda Castle, Fishermans Tower, etc. The second hour is a perfect opportunity to arrange a surprise for the bachelor, maybe an unexpected roly-poly or drag queen show!

Price:   from £23 / €28 / person

Thermal Bath

Baggy eyes? No worries! This is the best hang-over recovery and the perfect Sunday activity! Let us take you to on of Hungary's most famous thermal baths where your tired body and soul get some wellness treatment after the hard stag party! For your total comfort our guide serves you cold refreshments while you relax in the hot pool. We offer you both hot and cool, outdoor and indoor pools, sauna, massage salons, bar and restaurant.

Price: from £23 / €27 / person


The classic stag do activity, which still is on the top of our customers rating of favourite activities. You just can't be without it. A bounch of guys gratifying their passion for speed and competition, taut situations and for the winner: champagne spray party! So, just let the devil out and come with us to Budapests’ best and longest go-cart tracks and speed up with our 200 ccm 9HR monsters!

Price:   from £36 / €41 / person

Gun Shooting

Wanna’ feel like Sylvester Stallone as he did in „Rambo” or have you ever heard of Cosa Nostra? At our shooting range, located in an underground bunker, you can safely try guns which you otherwise only can see on TV and which are illegal in many other Europeian countries, as e.g. ColtKingCobra, Magnum and a lot of other famous guns. But first our English-speaking, professional instructor and ex-police officer will make sure you know all necessary informations needed for a safe use.

Price:   from £37 / €42 / person

Water Sports

Adrenalin and refreshment combined, couldn't be better, this is watersports! A perfect summer activity with free access to beach and volleyball lane. We take you to a lake where we guarantee you'll have a good laugh with your friends when watching the stag, and whoever wants to try, getting around in a donut shaped water inflatable wheel. Everyone also get to have a try on the wakeboard or jet-ski. Not an every day activity, but an amazing and unforgettable experience not to be missed.

Price:   from £50 / €58 / person


Caution: only join if you're sure you're tough enough, because this is Sparta!!! Put on suit and mask, load your gun and up to WAR! An outstanding chance to give the stag what he deserves - you don't want him to go home without some suspicious bruises, right?! Choose between dark, haze cave with labyrinths or castle in the wood. As additional activity we also recommend the mud wrestling. This serves as cool-down after the paintball: sit down, have a beer and watch the stag while he's having an exhausting fight with two muddy strippers!

Price:   from £30 / €34 / person

Trabant Driving

Ever heard of the two-stroke engined, uncomfortable Eastern-German „Trabant”? Even if you have, you certainly havn’t been a part of the special feeling experienced when driving it. The car was a symbol of East Germany and the fall of the communism, which makes it not only a fun, but also cultural program. This odd activity smuggles some culture in the usually not very cultural stag party program and gives you the opportunity to see Budapests' sights from another point of view.

Price:   from £38 / €45 / person

Quad Biking

Need to get rid of some energy? Need a task? Then this is something for you: obstacles and hills on a rough terrain, mud, blood, sweat and tears. A splendid group activity no matter which season you visit us, quad is always fun! But something only tough men can handle, so how tough are you?! In case you choose the quad tour you also get to taste the famous and traditional, Hungarian goulasch soup, accompanied by a couple of beers.

Price:   from £44 / €53 / person

Mud Wrestling

This activity is definitely the most unexpected one which will make the stag the most surprised! Here he's the most vulnerable, when two beautiful, first class stripper warm up the cold, dirty mud around him, while performing a gasping strip show..."just wanna make you sweat...!" Feeling attempt to participate? What are you waiting for? Get those cloths off and join! For the more shy audience we serve a couple of refreshing, cold beers.

Price:   from £29 / €33 / person

Budapest Sightseeing

Now it's time to take a look around in "The Queen of Danube"! Budapest is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its World Heritage Sites include the banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter with the Matthias Church and the Fismermen’s Bastion, Andrássy Avenue and the Millennium Underground Railway, the first on the European continent. We also pass by Heroes square, the City park, Széchényi thermal bath and the Citadel. Your guide makes sure you get to know everything about the city. So hop on, open your beer and relax!

Price:   from £20 / €24 / person

Wine Tasting

While wine is an important part of Hungary's history and it's something Hungarians are very proud of you've just made an excellent choice if you’re interested not just in wine, but also fancy culture. So it would be a shame going home without have tasted a couple of delicious and exclusive, real Hungarian sorts of wine. We offer you a wine tasting with a wide selection of white, red and dessert wines from the most famous wine regions in Hungary, as Tokaj, Villányi, Eger, South Balaton, Balatonfüred and Mátraalja. Cheers!

Price: from  £24 / €27 / person

Football Game

No matter you’re a football team who would like to experience the Hungarian football culture by playing against a local team or if you just like to play against each other, are you maybe a lazy bunch of guys who'd prefer to watch football in a sport bar while having lots of beer or do you like it live in the stadium? You name it. We offer big, green football grounds, local football team, with guide, transfer and beers included, or a cozy pub with big screens, guide and beer, but even purchasing tickets for a game.

Price:   from £26 / €30 / person


A stag party shouldn’t be too serious. It is all about having fun, to have a great laugh, relax. Here you can play, have a drink in the bar, and then play again. This place is a bowling club with live DJ, bar, neon-lights and pretty girls in one place, open 10am-3am.

Price:   from £17 / €19 / person

Horse Race

Even if you’re a lucky person you can always be even luckier when winning on your bet! In early afternoon the bus takes you to the arena, where you can enjoy the fantastic weather, have a couple of beers and bet on your favourite horse. This is the only way you can go home with more money in your pocket then you had when you came!

Price:   £16 / €19 / person

Tank Driving

Have you ever driven a real tank? Try a Tiger I. 30 ton 500 hp tank or a stronger T-55A. Big boy’s – big toy’s! During one hour look at the world from the view of militaries on duty in war zones. A real men-activity, which could be an introduction to an exciting stagnight, but also an excellent adrenaline bomb against a bad hang-over. (min. 7 ppl)

Price: from £115 / €135 / person

Hot Air Balloon Flight

The closer to heaven, the better! If you have seen it on land now it’s time to see Budapests’ most beautiful and historical sights from above! A real adventure with one of the most ancient, originally Chinese flying techniques in the world: the hot air balloon. This will be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Price:  please enquire!

Helicopter Flight

Feel like a star and see Budapest from above with a private helicopter, as the big Hollywood starts do. Even the start with a helicopter is an indescribable feeling, like drifting on your own cloud towards heaven. A bachelor party is always very special and so is a helicopter flight. A life lasting experience!

Price:   £175 / €200 / person

Aero Sailplane Flight

Almost imponderable … that the aero sailplane gives, it can give the stag a nostalgic picture of what life actually was like without a woman. The negligence, just as the flight won’t last forever but the feeling and the experience is unforgettable. Also this activity could be a perfect surprise for the stag.

please enquire!

Airplane Flight

The perfect surprise for the stag, where he during his last days of freedom can feel the real taste of liberty! Flying in an open double-decker is like a small going-back-in-time in the 20’s. While the stag is taking part in the aeroplane experiences the time will go by like his years as a mate.

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Grand Prix F1 Hungaroring

If you fancy the world of Formula1, then you certainly know the smell of burned tire, great speed on big wheels and of course the indispensable attendants of Hungaroring, the beautiful hostess girls. The Hungarian Grand Prix is usually taking place in the end of July and in the beginning of August. The track is 19km from the centre of Budapest and serves one of the most exciting locations for racing.

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